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Cinderella 2000




Cinderella 2000

In a world where fairy tales on the one hand, vary by period, on the other hand, go and disappear from the life of children, Cinderella's gentle and fragile glass shoe becomes a rigid and tempting porcelain one.

Cinderella’s story describes a girl in a hopeless and naïve situation, saved by the noble prince. In our times, reality is almost the opposite, at times. Plastic cosmetics and the worship of things beautiful. The surviving of the fittest. Powerful and willful women who are self-fulfilled.

Women who are always made-up and always well-groomed are not waiting for prince charming to come and save them, but at times quite the contrary. They will go and actively pursue or “hunt” him.

In our millennia we can see new Hollywood versions of ‘Cinderella’ where the details and the story line are now modified.

In my point of view, as an artist and creator I made another step forward and tried to capture the look that the famous glass shoe will take in the next few years. One of a feathered blue snake, sparkling and tempting, curls around the ‘new’ Cinderella-leg, representing her new updated and kind of foxy character.


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