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Our Wall-tiles design is intended and aimed at a room in the Retro-like and 60's.

The main idea behind this design is that it allows diversity. Changing the outlook by the use of small colored parts within the tiles. Small dents or niches in the tiles are arranged in a way and depth to grant equal thickness and this way gives the tile a unique character. One can embed parts of colored porcelain parts, fitting his/her personal taste, character or even state of mind. The Embedment can be temporary and not permanent. The parts can be easily replaced.

The main idea and ingenuity is the fact that one can choose the colors and control the design itself by taking over or changing the parts and positions. There are almost endless possibilities and combinations of pasting or removing portions of these small parts from the tiles. The parts and tiles are easily washed or cleaned. Also, if the concept of design is for kids, the tiles could also be used as a beautiful game of design.


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